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It's Spring in the Mountains!

by Jo Neal on 03/23/14

Here we are, Spring in the Mountains of 2014. Tulips and Daffodils are coming up, trees are starting to bud, and the grass is turning green. But, Winter is about to have it's last hooray, we are going to get cold starting tonight, March 23. On Tuesday, March 25th it is suppose to snow! I just hope it doesn't kill our apple crop like it did a couple of years ago when the apple trees were in full bloom. I am so ready for Spring this year! It seems like Winter has been so long. I'm just glad I live where I do! We have 4 seasons and just when you get tired of one the next one comes along. We are so blessed. Our Winter is very mild compared to, say OH or other Northern States. They have had it very hard this year. Which brings me to this, come on down Northern people, you will love it here,taxes are lower, and not to hot or to cold, it's just right here in our beautiful Mountains of NC! We have some great houses just waiting for you to get here. Hurry on down!

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1. Sandy Ronald said on 3/24/14 - 10:54AM
Actually the taxes just went up 3 cents, and bring your food from a grocery store, it is expensive at town stores. A lot of people party around the lake and I unfortunately ran across a mean one cussing and screaming at a elderly man last sunday, while it appeared to be kids around her dock.. come to find out she is one of the town commissioners and looks to be the biggest also.. Also the temps on this page are not quite right, it can get way colder in winter and in the high 90's in July and August. So why all the cover up here? Lets be honest for our visitors.
2. Jodi said on 3/24/14 - 12:23PM
Sandy Ronald, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience here. We still have lower taxes than many of the Northern States. We do have a Ingles here in Lake Lure, also a Dollar General that carries many items. We have 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But, it is no where near the lows and highs for extended periods of time that others have and especially the South. I've lived in many parts of our great country, my husband was Navy for 24 yrs and I personally think this area has one of the best climates in the country. There is no cover up for me. I am being honest with our visitors and anyone else that has time to listen. For me, and many others, this area is perfect, I'm sorry you don't feel this same way.

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